FACT SHEET #27 | The Austrian building certification system IBO OEKOPASS

The IBO OEKOPASS is an Austrian building certification system specially developed for new residential complexes (multi-unit residential buildings). It aims at voluntarily showing proof of building quality on the basis of building energy efficiency, ecology and indoor comfort principles as … Continue reading

WEBINAR #11 | Status on the ground: Prevention of summer overheating — methods and results

2 December 2016 This QUALICHeCK webinar focused on summer thermal comfort by discussing available national requirements, related assessment methods, as well as results from field studies. Overheating prevention is addressed by EPBD Annex I which states that the energy performance … Continue reading

WEBINAR #10 | Ventilative cooling potential and compliance — Status and perspectives in Spain and Germany

1 December 2016 Ventilative cooling—i.e., the use of natural or mechanical ventilation strategies to cool indoor spaces—can be very effective to reduce the cooling energy demand in buildings, under summer or mid-season conditions. This webinar is part of a broader … Continue reading

WEBINAR #09 | Cool Roofs in the context of compliance and quality

Wednesday 28 September 2016 Increased urban temperatures have an important impact on the energy consumption of buildings mainly during the summer period. The urban heat island is the most documented phenomenon of climatic change. The heat island is related to … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #22 | Scheme of vocational qualifications in Cyprus “I have the qualifications. I certify!”

The main objective of the Cypriot scheme of vocational qualifications “I have the qualifications. I certify!” is to develop human resources through the knowledge and skills of the individual and to certify professional qualifications. This also applies to the building … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #19 | QUALICHECK Study Romania – Assessment of quality and compliance in the certification of energy performance of buildings

The QUALICHeCK study Romania investigated the quality and compliance of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) input data, based on analysis of EPC received in the central collection point and introduced in the structured database, as well as on the analysis of … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #18 | QUALICHECK Study Greece – Compliance with the reference values of the technical directives: on-site measurements of ventilation, temperature and relative humidity and comparison with the reference values of the national technical guides

Within the Greek framework for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) the methodology is based on a calculation tool with specifications according to the directives of the Technical Chamber of Greece and to the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (K.En.A.K.). The Ministry … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #16 | QUALICHECK Study France – compliance of regulatory and design studies on energy performance of new buildings

A regulatory calculation is mandatory in France in order to assess the energy performance of all new buildings. Although the comparison with a forecast calculation tool showed low differences, some improvements can be suggested. … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #15 | QUALICHECK Study Estonia – Summertime overheating prevention requirements and compliance assessment

To avoid overheating in new buildings, Estonia has introduced a room temperature simulation based procedure and requirements as part of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Although the methodology for compliance assessment was proven to be sound and robust, this relatively … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #12 | QUALICHeCK Study Austria – Assessment of EPC input data based on recalculation and on-site validation

The QUALICHeCK study Austria investigated the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) scheme applied for the allocation of energy efficiency subsidies in the region of Salzburg. The scheme is based on the rules and procedures of the building legislation but requires more … Continue reading