Success stories

The QUALICHeCK new field study activities, performed in 9 EU countries, showcased evidence on compliance issues on the ground regarding the quality of EPC input data and construction works, where it was so far scarce. By presenting the relevant findings at various occasions organised by e.g. national concertation activities, roadshows, etc., QUALICHeCK succeeded to provide a real eye-opener for interested parties, in understanding what the real situation is, and initiating discussions on the need to take targeted action.

QUALICHeCK also succeeded in spreading the word on good practise examples regarding compliance and quality issues of EPCs and construction works. Feedback received from stakeholders referred, among others, to understanding the difference between realistic and compliant EPCs, acknowledging the existence of quite a few European good practise examples and schemes (e.g. product databases to define compliant EPC input data) and many more.

But most importantly, QUALICHeCK managed to get policy makers from various backgrounds and nationalities to discuss about and consider to change their agendas (see also achievements under 1.2). Main contributor to this success is considered to be the combination of the various studies/reports (field study reports, source books, etc.) with the engagement activities (national concertations, etc.).