Expected Results

QUALICHeCK is expected to influence and contribute towards clear progress in respect to quality and compliance in energy performance issues. In this respect QUALICHeCK will identify the prerequisites and analyse strategies/ frameworks that ensure people do what they declare, e.g.

  • Ensure easy access to reliable EPC input data
  • Promote improved quality in execution of works
  • Support effective compliance and sanctioning frameworks

Active engagement of authorities and stakeholders on compliance and quality issues, at European and national level, is considered crucial to achieve impact and this is foreseen through the following activities:

  • concertations at national level;
  • physical events (workshops, roadshows, international conferences, EU and national meetings, interaction meetings with other initiatives), with the ambition to reach about 5000 persons;
  • internet seminars, with an outreach of the order of 5000 persons;
  • contribution to data hubs, journals, social media activities, website, physical and electronic publications;
  • uptake of highlights in university courses;
  • long term European QUALICHeCK platform to discuss on compliance and quality issues.