National Roadshows

National roadshows were 1-day seminars in the 9 focus countries, presenting QUALICHeCK outcomes and collecting stakeholder inputs. The roadshows contributed to national awareness raising, and provided valuable feedback. The events were organised by the focus country partners, often in collaboration with other national organisations.

Cyprus 2016/03/07 Announcement, Agenda, Webpage
Greece 2016/03/11 Invitation (GR), Agenda, Summary
Austria 2016/04/14 Invitation (DE), Agenda (DE), Summary
Belgium 2016/04/21 Announcement (NL), Agenda (NL)
Estonia 2016/05/03 Agenda (EE)
Romania 2016/11/10 Agenda (RO)
Sweden 2016/11/29 Agenda (EN)Agenda (SE)
France 2017/02/13 Invitation and Agenda (FR)
Spain 2017/03/16 Summary