WEBINAR #06 | Product databases and compliance of input data for the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) of buildings

28 June 2016 Product databases provide validated information about the characteristics of construction products and building systems. They can be used to determine input data for the energy performance rating of buildings on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), provided that … Continue reading

WEBINAR #05 | Solar Control in the context of quality and compliance

23 June 2016 Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) depend significantly on the behaviour of glazing, which in turn is determined using a well defined set of data characterising the thermal performance of its transparent elements (glass and frame) and of the … Continue reading

WEBINAR #04 | Thermal Bridges — input data, calculation and verification methods

15 June 2016 Objective of the webinar: To present good examples of how to deal with thermal bridges in relation to energy calculations and investigation of the real performance, and to provide a platform for discussion. Content of the webinar: Presentations ranging … Continue reading

WEBINAR #03 | Building airtightness and initiatives to improve the quality of the works

12 January 2016 Building airtightness is a critical factor for Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings and represents a key challenge for the building sector. The objective of this webinar was to give background information on selected initiatives to improve the quality of … Continue reading

WEBINAR #02 | Ventilative Cooling potential and compliance in Energy Performance regulations — Status and perspectives in Belgium, Estonia, Greece

17 December 2015 Ventilative cooling—i.e., the use of natural or mechanical ventilation strategies to cool indoor spaces—can be very effective to reduce the cooling energy demand in buildings in summer or mid-season conditions. This webinar is part of a broader … Continue reading

WEBINAR #01 | Compliant Energy Performance of Buildings Certificates and better quality of the works — ground status, initiatives and perspectives

27 April 2015 The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive recast gives ambitious goals for the building sector to reduce energy use as well as greenhouse gas emissions. It requires member states to engage in the generalisation of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings … Continue reading