WEBINAR #12 | A guide for policy makers to develop better frameworks for EPC compliance and enforcement

13 December 2016 Checking and enforcing building compliance with the requirements set by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is essential in order to achieve the EU-wide agreed energy efficiency and CO2-reduction targets by 2020 and beyond. This QUALICHeCK … Continue reading

WEBINAR #05 | Solar Control in the context of quality and compliance

23 June 2016 Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) depend significantly on the behaviour of glazing, which in turn is determined using a well defined set of data characterising the thermal performance of its transparent elements (glass and frame) and of the … Continue reading

QUALICHeCK Booklet: Improving the compliance of Energy Performance Certificates and the quality of building works

Although significant efforts have been undertaken in Member States since about 10-15 years to drastically reduce the energy use in the building sector, improving the compliance of building energy performance assessments and the quality of building works are two aspects … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #07 | Building airtightness in France — regulatory context, control procedures, results

Since 2006, there has been a significant reward in the French energy regulations for good airtightness, which has been combined with a minimum requirement for residential buildings in the 2012 version of the regulation. Airtightness test results show that the … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #06 | Regulatory compliance checks of residential ventilation systems in France

Regulatory compliance checks on samples of residential ventilation systems are operational in France. The analysis of their results shows a significant rate of non-compliance with the ventilation regulation (rate on the order of 50%). … Continue reading

REPORT | Source book for improved compliance of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) of buildings — Draft

Update: the final version of this source book is now available. Practical  experience shows that it is challenging to implement a robust compliance and enforcement framework for energy performance certificates (EPCs) for buildings. The source book on EPC compliance aims … Continue reading