WEBINAR #13 | Interesting and innovative approaches for improved building envelope performance

Tuesday 24 January 2017 The energy challenges for the building stock require ambitious but feasible approaches to secure their performance, including the performance of the building envelope. This webinar aims to give insights into 3 interesting approaches: An approach with … Continue reading

QUALICHeCK International Workshop | Renewable heating and cooling systems for buildings, 17 January 2017, Lyon, France

International workshop on securing the compliance of product data and the quality of installed systems, to reach high levels of energy performance Objective The objective of this workshop was to discuss and identify ways to better secure the compliance of … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #41 | In view of revised EU-directives: dealing with renewable energy systems in the EPC of energy efficient buildings

Proposals for the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and Renewable Energy Directive demonstrate the crucial role of renewable energy systems in achieving a decarbonised economy. In view of new requirements for minimum levels of renewable energy use in buildings, … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #40 | Voluntary schemes as a pool of ideas for designing and improving EPC compliance frameworks: the BOILEFF quality assurance scheme

Checking Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and ensuring compliance is paramount for creating and maintaining trust in the EPC. The way of dealing with heating systems in the EPC and checking specific key parameters affects the energy performance indicators of buildings … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #39 | Voluntary quality assurance system for retrofitting multi-unit residential buildings based on self-commitment

This fact sheet presents a quality assurance system which helps to integrate energy efficiency requirements in building related decision making, while indoor air quality is also being taken care of. The approach is based on life cycle considerations, dealing in … Continue reading

QUALICHeCK International Workshop | Performance of thermal insulation in low energy buildings and advanced building renovation projects, 15 December 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Securing the compliance of product data and the quality of installed systems to reach high levels of energy performance Description The objective of this workshop was to discuss and identify ways to improve the quality of installed insulation systems as … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #37 | Labelling schemes and their role in building related compliance frameworks

Labelling schemes of products used for constructing and finishing a building can be useful in two perspectives: (1) They are important for informing stakeholders about the quality of the awarded products and thus contribute to creating societal support for securing … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #36 | Investing in building energy efficiency: the role of the EPC in economic decision-making

The European building stock lacks energy efficiency, and efforts in increasing the renovation rate and improving the energy performance of buildings have not yet resulted in the intended impact. Although the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) was introduced to facilitate energy-efficient … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #34 | Building Services Systems Declaration based on as-built characteristics – Province of Salzburg

The introduction of regulatory requirements and compliance checks will only be successful if societal support is given. Enforcement against the mainstream will be costly and ineffective. Voluntary schemes can be useful in preparing the public for requirements to come and … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #26 | BuildE — A method for quality assurance of energy efficient buildings

BuildE – Method for Quality Assurance of Energy Efficient Buildings is a general method for the quality assurance of the requirements regarding functionality, planning and production of energy efficient buildings. The method is based on quality assurance in each step … Continue reading