WEBINAR #12 | A guide for policy makers to develop better frameworks for EPC compliance and enforcement

13 December 2016 Checking and enforcing building compliance with the requirements set by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is essential in order to achieve the EU-wide agreed energy efficiency and CO2-reduction targets by 2020 and beyond. This QUALICHeCK … Continue reading

WEBINAR #11 | Status on the ground: Prevention of summer overheating — methods and results

2 December 2016 This QUALICHeCK webinar focused on summer thermal comfort by discussing available national requirements, related assessment methods, as well as results from field studies. Overheating prevention is addressed by EPBD Annex I which states that the energy performance … Continue reading

WEBINAR #10 | Ventilative cooling potential and compliance — Status and perspectives in Spain and Germany

1 December 2016 Ventilative cooling—i.e., the use of natural or mechanical ventilation strategies to cool indoor spaces—can be very effective to reduce the cooling energy demand in buildings, under summer or mid-season conditions. This webinar is part of a broader … Continue reading

WEBINAR #09 | Cool Roofs in the context of compliance and quality

Wednesday 28 September 2016 Increased urban temperatures have an important impact on the energy consumption of buildings mainly during the summer period. The urban heat island is the most documented phenomenon of climatic change. The heat island is related to … Continue reading