FACT SHEET #13 | QUALICHeCK Study Belgium – Assessment of the Belgian quality control framework for installation of thermal insulation in existing cavity walls

Since 2012, a quality control system is in operation in Belgium to provide confidence in the quality of the works of cavity wall insulation in existing cavity walls. When the works are in line with the quality control framework, the … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #12 | QUALICHeCK Study Austria – Assessment of EPC input data based on recalculation and on-site validation

The QUALICHeCK study Austria investigated the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) scheme applied for the allocation of energy efficiency subsidies in the region of Salzburg. The scheme is based on the rules and procedures of the building legislation but requires more … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #11 | The Swedish Sveby scheme – standardise and verify the energy performance of buildings

The calculation and verification of the energy performance of buildings is a cumbersome process. The Swedish scheme Sveby aims to clarify and ensure the quality of the entire building process from early stage design requirements to verified results. One objective … Continue reading

FACT SHEET #10 | The Swedish Lågan programme for buildings with low energy use

The Lågan programme (financed by the Swedish Energy Agency) reports about low energy buildings in Sweden. By providing grants for demonstration projects and regional/local cooperation initiatives, the Lågan programme aims to increase the number of low energy buildings in Sweden. … Continue reading

QUALICHeCK Booklet: Improving the compliance of Energy Performance Certificates and the quality of building works

Although significant efforts have been undertaken in Member States since about 10-15 years to drastically reduce the energy use in the building sector, improving the compliance of building energy performance assessments and the quality of building works are two aspects … Continue reading

WEBINAR #02 | Ventilative Cooling potential and compliance in Energy Performance regulations — Status and perspectives in Belgium, Estonia, Greece

17 December 2015 Ventilative cooling—i.e., the use of natural or mechanical ventilation strategies to cool indoor spaces—can be very effective to reduce the cooling energy demand in buildings in summer or mid-season conditions. This webinar is part of a broader … Continue reading

WEBINAR #01 | Compliant Energy Performance of Buildings Certificates and better quality of the works — ground status, initiatives and perspectives

27 April 2015 The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive recast gives ambitious goals for the building sector to reduce energy use as well as greenhouse gas emissions. It requires member states to engage in the generalisation of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings … Continue reading