QUALICHeCK in the Evaluation of building projects under the Intelligent Energy Europe II Programme

Commissioned by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME), the evaluation of the IEE II support for buildings-related projects examines the performance and impact of 63 IEE II projects advancing sustainable energy use in buildings in the period from 2007 to 2013.

The evaluation highlights overall interesting key findings and lessons that can be applied to future programmes and projects.

Among the 63 projects, QUALICHeCK was chosen to be included in the sample of 20 projects contributing further in the form of an interview “to balance the sample but also because the project is deemed to have a very high reach and therefore a large potential for impact”.

In particular and among others, it is mentioned that

  • “QUALICHeCK accurately pinpointed major concerns about the quality of Energy Performance Certificates and identified clear best practice frameworks to address these deficiencies. The outputs from QUALICHeCK continue to be discussed amongst public authorities.”
  • “QUALICHeCK identified issues, gaps in compliance and best practices related to improving the quality of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). It developed a strong evidence base in depicting the situation on the ground. Project outputs continue to be discussed amongst public authorities and key stakeholders, in terms of future policy recommendations. Moreover, project participants indicated that QUALICHeCK contributed to the 2017 revision of the EPBD.”, thereby “being one of the nine prominent examples of projects making clear contributions to buildings energy policy making at either EU, national or local level:”

The full evaluation and executive summary can be accessed here.

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