New Study Report | Spain – Different data/tools for getting EPC (New field study/2015)

The EPC for existing buildings in Spain can be obtained through several software tools, all of them equally valid for calculating the EPC. There is one reference tool, one detailed tool, and three simplified ones. All the simplified tools have passed a validation test procedure, in accordance with the guidelines given by the responsible authorities.

This study is an application of, and is focused on two of the three simplified tools, namely CE3 and CE3X, applicable to all types of buildings. A total of 38 buildings have been studied, starting from the information gathered at the point when they were each certified as an existing building, using one of the simplified tools. The sample of buildings includes all types of buildings: residential, small and medium tertiary buildings, as well as large tertiary buildings.

The study is carried out in two phases, with different aims:

PHASE 1: in which the results obtained through the tools using actual values are compared with those obtained using default values;

PHASE 2: in which the results of the simplified tools are compared with those obtained using the reference tool for the same building.

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