New Study Report | Romania – Assessment of Quality and Compliance in the Certification of Energy Performance of Buildings (New field study/2016)

Aim of this study was to give an overall qualitative analysis of the energy performance certification system in Romania, as well as to assess the quality and compliance of EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) input data based on EPCs received in the central collection point and introduced in the structured database. In this respect, 26 buildings which were certified during the year 2015 by attested building energy auditors (EAB) were examined.

Key objectives of the analysis were:

  • to analyse the overall quality and completeness of the EPCs introduced in the structured database with as aim to check general compliance with the requirements for the elaboration of EPCs;
  • to analyse the range of deviation of EPC energy performance indicators depending on the quality of input data (analysis of the EPC input data, site visits and re-calculation of EPCs);
  • to analyse the cause of the deviation and to develop recommendations on how to improve – deliver information to energy auditors for buildings;
  • to formulate recommendations for compliance and enforcement.

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