New Study Report | Estonia – Summer Thermal Comfort Compliance in New Apartment Buildings (New field study/2015)

All buildings in Estonia, that have acquired a construction permit since 1 July 2009, have to comply with regulation no. 68 “Minimum requirements for energy performance”, that also regulates verification of summer thermal comfort compliance in buildings.

The objectives of this study were to assess the summer thermal comfort compliance of new apartment buildings, to characterise which building parameters cause overheating in dwellings and which properties will make a room ‘critical’ to be chosen for temperature simulation in the compliance assessment procedure.

Indoor temperatures were measured in 22 dwellings in 16 new apartment buildings during a three month summertime period and, for summer thermal comfort compliance assessment of the studied buildings, indoor temperatures in chosen dwellings most likely to counter overheating problems were simulated for in total 158 dwellings from 25 buildings.

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