New Study Report | Cyprus – Compliance of heat transmission coefficients reported in EPCs in new residential properties (New field study/2015)

This study examines whether the minimum U-value requirements for the building envelope, as well as the average U-value of new residential properties in Cyprus are in accordance with the decrees issued by the MCIT, both as they were declared in the buildings’ Energy Performance Certificates (“EPCs”), and as they were built on site.

For this purpose, 27 new residential properties, located in the southern part of Cyprus, were investigated based on photographs, documents from suppliers, site visits, inspections, communications with architects, constructors, and, where possible, tenants.

In addition, a calculation of their U-values was conducted, taking into account the as-built situation, in order to check whether the buildings were built as designed, specified and declared in the EPCs, for as far as the examined construction elements are concerned.

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