New Study Report | Belgium – Compliance of EPC input data for window thermal performance in new buildings (New field study/2016)

Objective of this study is to provide a better understanding of the compliance of input data related to window thermal performance in EPB declarations for new buildings in the Belgian region of Flanders, and to derive recommendations to improve the compliance of the data. In addition, the study analyses the different compliant calculation methods for window thermal performance, in relation with the requirements in the Flemish regulation on Energy Performance and Indoor Climate in Buildings (EPB):

  • Maximum U-value windows
  • Maximum K-level (measure for the volumetric transmission heat loss)
  • Maximum net energy demand for heating
  • Maximum E-level (measure for total primary energy use of the project)
  • Overheating indicator (summer comfort)

To meet these objectives EPB-declarations, architectural drawings and glazing and framing product data were collected for 32 randomly selected projects.

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