FACT SHEET #52 | QualiShell: Romanian qualification schemes for installers of opaque building elements and/or window systems

The Romanian project ‘BUILD UP Skills QualiShell’ has as its main objectives to substantiate, develop and promote two national qualification schemes for the most relevant professions within the Roadmap to 2020 for the construction of energy efficient buildings [1], i.e. installers of thermal insulation composite systems and installers/fitters of high performance windows and doors systems. The intended approach is to ensure not only a high-quality installation of very efficient building envelope components, but also the achievement of high overall performance building envelopes. This is addressed by developing effective tools to embed the adequate knowledge and skills in the relevant occupations and to foster the evolution in the national qualification system and in the vision of key stakeholders in the construction sector, and move towards the actual implementation of nearly zero energy buildings in Romania.

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