4th QUALICHeCK Conference | EPBD perspectives for compliant and smart buildings

The 4th QUALICHeCK Conference took place in Brussels, Belgium, on 21 February 2017 at the BBRI Brussels Meeting Centre, Poincaré, 1060 Brussels (please note the final location).

Among others, the Conference

  • summarised the final outcomes and insights of the QUALICHeCK project
  • highlighted major aspects of quality and compliance for energy performing buildings
  • made the link with the EPBD review and in particular the ‘smartness’ of buildings
  • introduced relevant upcoming developments in policies and the market.

You may download the Conference presentations from the table below (Right click on the PDF links and Save As…).

1 Overall context for QUALICHeCK and findings
Opening by chairperson
Context of the Conference | P. Wouters – INIVE PDF
3 years of QUALICHeCK: overview of outputs | A. Deliyannis – Sympraxis Team
What is the view of the market regarding compliance and quality of the works? | R. Carrié – INIVE PDF
Interactive voting session | A. Janssens – UGent PDF
2 Specific outcomes of QUALICHeCK
Opening by chairperson
Which lessons can we learn from the studies on the ground? | J. Kurnitski – TUT PDF
Compliance and quality of the works in relation to thermal insulation | P. Wahlgren – Chalmers PDF
Compliance and quality of the works in relation to renewables in multi-energy systems | F. Durier – CETIAT PDF
We want to know your opinion: an interactive session with the audience | A. Janssens – UGent
Overview of relevant EU projects and the BUILD UP Skills initiative | A. Lacourt – EASME PDF
3 EPBD review – opinions, discussions
Opening by chairperson
What are the proposed changes in the EPBD? | S. Gonzalez Herraiz – EASME / formely DG ENER PDF
A “Smartness Indicator” for smarter buildings | J. Lautsten – CA EPBD Coordinator
QUALICHeCK suggestions related to compliance challenges for a Smartness Indicator | P. Wouters – INIVE PDF
Stakeholders’ opinions regarding suggested EPBD changes:
F. Bean – BPIE
A. Van Eycken – ES-SO PDF
C. Carré – EURIMA
H. Sibileau – EuroAce PDF
A. Derjanecz – REHVA PDF
I. Pollet – venticool PDF
Panel discussion on suggested EPBD changes | Moderator: J. Lautsten – CA EPBD
Interactive voting focused on the EPBD review related issues | A. Janssens – UGent PDF
Conclusions | P. Wouters – INIVE PDF


You may also download the original agenda.

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