QUALICHeCK International Workshop | Performance of thermal insulation in low energy buildings and advanced building renovation projects, 15 December 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Securing the compliance of product data and the quality of installed systems to reach high levels of energy performance


The objective of this workshop was to discuss and identify ways to improve the quality of installed insulation systems as well as to (better) secure the compliance of product and system data, thereby increasing the confidence in declared values on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and achieving the expected energy performance.

Three aspects were more specifically addressed:

  • how to improve the quality of the installation works;
  • how to provide compliant input data used to issue an Energy Performance Certificate;
  • how to enforce compliance, and how to define/apply penalties in case of non-compliance.

The workshop discussions were based on detailed presentations of schemes that are operational or under development, with between participants allowing exchanges of ideas and experience.


Envelope systems contribute substantially to the thermal performance of the building.
National legislations implementing the European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) require a calculation of the energy performance, with an energy rating on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This needs input data for the calculation to describe the building and the construction products, but also the performance of the systems. Input data must be compliant, i.e. determined according to the legal rules. It is also necessary that they can be found easily by the experts operating the calculation. In order to improve quality, the performance has also to be evaluated by on site measurements.

The trend towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEB) implies a better execution of construction works and the increased installation of advanced technologies, such as superinsulating materials, requiring specific skills of the workforce in order to reach quality and good performance of the installed systems.

You may download the workshop presentations from the table below (Right click on the PDF links and Save As…).

1 Opening – the overall scene | Chair: Hubert David
Welcome  – Overall context for QUALICHeCK project and for this workshop | Peter Wouters – INIVE EEIG PDF
Progress and challenges in achieving high performance building envelopes | Arnold Janssens – Ghent University PDF
The Clean Energy Package | Frances Bean – BPIE PDF
2 Building junctions & databases | Chair: Hubert David
Barriers and opportunities for achieving compliance and enforcement: application to transmission aspects | Peter Wouters – INIVE EEIG PDF
Quality framework for the internal insulation of existing brickwalls in Belgium | Timo De Mets – BBRI PDF
Thermal bridges calculation rules and accounting in energy calculation in various countries | Jarek Kurnitski – Tallinn University of Technology PDF
3 Super insulation materials | Chair: Paula Wahlgren, Chalmers University
Superinsulation materials: an overview of international research activities and new products on the market | Daniel Quenard – CSTB PDF
How to determine the long term performance of vacuum insulation panels | Roland Caps – VIPA PDF
Retrofitted listed buildings using vacuum insulation panels | Pär Johansson – Chalmers University PDF
EAE presentation on ETICS systems (better title needed) | Ralf Pasker – EAE-ETICS PDF
4 Insulation of walls – Quality of the works | François Rémi Carrié – INIVE EEIG
Voluntary approach: Eurima technical research and guidelines for the design and installation of high thermal performance roofs | Ross Holleron (Knauf Insulation) and Jelle Langmans (KU Leuven) PDF
BUILT2SPEC: Tools for the 21st Century Construction Worksite | Andrea Costa – R2M Solution Srl PDF
Panel Discussion: • Benny De Blaere, president UEAtc • Karsten Kathage, president EOTA and DIBt vice-President • Jan Coumans, president FIEC TEC 1 • Georges Timmermans, director CIR | Moderator Eric Winnepenninckx
Conclusions | Peter Wouters – INIVE EEIG PDF

You may also download the original workshop flyer and the agenda.


The workshop was organised by INIVE EEIG on behalf of the QUALICHeCK consortium in cooperation with EURIMA, EAE, VIPA, UEATC and EOTA, and with the support of the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA) and the Walloon Region.

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