FACT SHEET #36 | Investing in building energy efficiency: the role of the EPC in economic decision-making

The European building stock lacks energy efficiency, and efforts in increasing the renovation rate and improving the energy performance of buildings have not yet resulted in the intended impact. Although the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) was introduced to facilitate energy-efficient renovations, investments in improving the building stock in terms of energy performance are still lagging behind. Why is this so, which barriers are still encountered, and how can they be removed? This fact sheet attempts to find answers by tackling the important role of two highly relevant market actors who influence the development of the real estate sector, namely property valuators and investors. It compiles recent information about the current value of the EPC for these groups and how to make the EPC more useful for them. This factsheet emphasises the need for compliant and trusted EPCs, thus underlining the importance of the work done by the QUALICHeCK team, and in addition presents relevant aspects beyond the scope of QUALICHeCK.

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