FACT SHEET #19 | QUALICHECK Study Romania – Assessment of quality and compliance in the certification of energy performance of buildings

The QUALICHeCK study Romania investigated the quality and compliance of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) input data, based on analysis of EPC received in the central collection point and introduced in the structured database, as well as on the analysis of 26 buildings which were certified during the year 2015 by attested energy auditors for buildings (EAB).

The analysis highlighted several cases of non-compliance with the requirements for including specific information in the EPC or of incomplete required data, incorrect calculations according to the EPB Methodology and/or lack or inappropriate list of recommendations for improving the energy performance of the certified building. The study put in evidence deviations in the assumptions and calculation of input data (net floor area, volume, U-values, building envelope, etc.) and in calculated energy performance indicators. Recommendations regarding how to improve EPC quality were formulated.

QUALICHeCK Factsheet 19 212x300

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