FACT SHEET #18 | QUALICHECK Study Greece – Compliance with the reference values of the technical directives: on-site measurements of ventilation, temperature and relative humidity and comparison with the reference values of the national technical guides

Within the Greek framework for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) the methodology is based on a calculation tool with specifications according to the directives of the Technical Chamber of Greece and to the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (K.En.A.K.). The Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA), having completed the legal framework on the energy efficiency of buildings, has developed a set of financial incentives, with co-funding from the European Union, for the implementation of energy efficiency upgrading interventions in residential buildings, via the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Programme. In the present study the compliance with the reference values of the Technical Guides is investigated regarding ventilation, temperature and relative humidity.

QUALICHeCK Factsheet 18 212x300

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