WEBINAR #06 | Product databases and compliance of input data for the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) of buildings

28 June 2016

Product databases provide validated information about the characteristics of construction products and building systems.

They can be used to determine input data for the energy performance rating of buildings on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), provided that the procedures of the national regulation authorise this.

Objectives of the webinar

  1. to show the findings of the QUALICHeCK project concerning the compliance of EPC input data and the links with product databases;
  2. to explore the potential of BIM (Building Information Modelling) as a future information source for EPC input data;
  3. to discuss the ways to check the compliance of EPC input data and to improve the compliance of EPCs, in relation with product databases.

Content | Find the webinar presentations as PDFs at the table below.

François Durier, CETIAT: How to get compliant EPC input data PDF
Xavier Loncour, BBRI: Product databases and EPC input data PDF
Questions and Answers session 1
Bart Ingelaere, BBRI: Potential of BIM to provide EPC input data PDF
Susanne Geissler, ÖGNB: Checking and improving the compliance of EPCs and their input data PDF
Questions and Answers session 2


You may also download the original webinar flyer.

Updated 2016.08.12

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