WEBINAR #04 | Thermal Bridges — input data, calculation and verification methods

15 June 2016

Objective of the webinar: To present good examples of how to deal with thermal bridges in relation to energy calculations and investigation of the real performance, and to provide a platform for discussion.

Content of the webinar: Presentations ranging from design phases, for example choice of calculation method, to follow up on thermal bridges, for example thermography of the thermal envelope. Discussions, outlook and recommendations.

Find the webinar presentations as PDFs at the table below.

Peter Wouters (INIVE-BBRI) – Belgium: Welcome and QUALICHeCK context PDF
Stephen Burke (NCC), Björn Berggren (SKANSKA), Per Levin (PE) – Sweden: Thermal bridge calculations in Sweden – standard procedures, common mistakes and deviations PDF-1
Questions and Answers session 1
Arnold Janssens (UGent) – Belgium: Approaches of taking thermal bridges into account in the Flemish EPBD-regulations PDF
Marina Kyprianou Dracou (CyI) – Cyprus: Observations on heat transmission coefficients compliance in Cyprus PDF
Questions and Answers session 2
Peter Wouters (INIVE-BBRI) – Belgium: Final remarks and closing PDF


You may also download the original webinar flyer.

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