WEBINAR #07 | Databases of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs): structure, content, operation

5 July 2016

Making use of EPC databases for quality control and other purposes

The EPC database is a precondition for the implementation of an effective control system which is needed to ensure and enforce EPC compliance. Apart from running an effective control system, data from the EPC database can be used for decision making, e.g. in shaping policies and financing instruments. Also in this regard, data quality is of utmost importance. In this webinar, Aleksandra Arcipowska (BPIE) presented an overview of the situation in Member States, while Hubert Despretz (Ademe, France) and Pär Johansson (Chalmers, Sweden) gave a presentation on the EPC database and control system in their countries. The last presentation by Michael Hanratty (IHER Energy Services Ltd, Ireland) highlighted an interesting approach on how to make use of EPC data (with reference to EU-funded projects EPISCOPE and ENERFUND). The webinar provided the opportunity to discuss with the presenters and learn from real world examples.

Content | Find the webinar presentations as PDFs at the table below.

Susanne Geissler / OEGNB, Austria | Introduction PDF
Aleksandra Arcipowska / BPIE, Belgium | Overview on the implementation of EPC databases in EU Member States: status quo and future needs with regard to effective compliance and control PDF
Pär Johansson / Chalmers, Sweden | EPC database and control system in Sweden PDF
Questions and Answers session 1
Hubert Despretz / Ademe, France | EPC database and control system in France PDF
Michael Hanratty / IHER Energy Services Ltd, Ireland | EPC database in Ireland and making use of it (examples from EPISCOPE and ENERFUND) PDF
Questions and Answers session 2
Discussion (all speakers) | How to make the best use of EPC databases


You may also download the original webinar flyer.

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