QUALICHeCK Booklet: Improving the compliance of Energy Performance Certificates and the quality of building works

Although significant efforts have been undertaken in Member States since about 10-15 years to drastically reduce the energy use in the building sector, improving the compliance of building energy performance assessments and the quality of building works are two aspects that remain critical to generalise Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEBs) in Europe, both for new and existing buildings.

To address this issue, one objective of the IEE QUALICHeCK consortium was to confirm the concern for energy performance assessment compliance or the quality of the works with field data. To this end, the consortium conducted 10 field studies in 9 countries, each on samples of 25+ buildings. Not surprisingly, significant non-compliance issues were found in many countries. The consortium also confirmed concerns for the quality of building works based on a literature review.

Another objective of QUALICHeCK was to find interesting approaches that had been developed to address these problems.

Based on this information, the consortium proposes in this report an approach to effective compliance frameworks structured around 6 key questions:

  1. What is the scope of the framework?
  2. At which level and on which basis should it be imposed?
  3. On which type of requirement should it be based, and which type of control should it foresee?
  4. What are the procedures to comply with?
  5. What are the procedures for identifying and handling non-compliance?
  6. How will it be implemented in practice?

This booklet gives practical information, including hints and pitfalls, to help framework developers address these key questions. While several aspects are common to EPC compliance and building works, there are also specificities highlighted in specific sections. The report also discusses how to alleviate barriers to innovation which may arise in compliance frameworks. Finally, some hints are given to increase market acceptance of a compliance framework by strengthening societal support. This aspect is addressed in several parts, including in a specific section, given its key influence on the success of compliance approaches.

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