WEBINAR #01 | Compliant Energy Performance of Buildings Certificates and better quality of the works — ground status, initiatives and perspectives

27 April 2015

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive recast gives ambitious goals for the building sector to reduce energy use as well as greenhouse gas emissions. It requires member states to engage in the generalisation of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings and to set up the necessary actions to support the mandatory availability of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), both for new and existing buildings.

The objectives of this webinar were:

a) to show several issues on the quality of the EPC input data or the quality of the works that can be detrimental to achieve compliance in practice;

b) to present preliminary results of field studies to evaluate initiatives addressing two of those issues.

Content | Find the webinar presentations as PDFs at the table below.

QUALICHeCK’s approach to quality and compliance | Peter Wouters, INIVE, Belgium PDF
Introducing an EPC after completion of the building works: reasons behind and preliminary lessons learnt in the Salzburg region of Austria | Susanne Geissler, ÖGNB, Austria PDF
Questions and answers
Compliance of heat transmission coefficients reported in EPCs in new houses in Cyprus | Marina Kyprianou Dracou, The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus PDF
Compliance to summer thermal comfort requirements – Control of overheating in new Estonian apartment buildings | Jarek Kurnitski, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia PDF
Questions and answers

You may also download the webinar flyer.

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