REHVA conference 2015 introduces QUALICHeCK

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The REHVA Annual Conference “Advanced HVAC and Natural Gas Technologies” this year took place in Riga, Latvia on 8-9 May 2015. The conference brought together leading experts from the international heating, ventilation and air conditioning community and served as a starting point for practical implementation of innovative ideas and future practical application of modern technologies. Aside of the clearly technology focused conference topics – e.g. Energy Efficient Cooling Systems, Advanced Heating and Ventilation Systems, Efficient and Clean Natural Gas Technologies – day 1 (May 8) was dedicated to EU policy and regulation developments and trends and includes several presentations related to the quality and compliance of buildings with energy efficiency regulations, among which:

  • A presentation of the QUALICHeCK coordinator on “EPBD legislation in practice – challenges regarding compliance and quality of the works”
  • A Dutch presentation on “Differences in real-life IAQ and Energy performance of code compliant residential ventilation systems”
  • A presentation on “Dynamic simulation as a tool for compliance approval” and
  • A REHVA presentation on “Training and Qualification Platform for Continuing Professional Development on nZEB”

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