REPORT | Quality of the Works (draft)

[Update 2016.03.30] The final version of this report is now available.

The trend towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEB) implies the correct execution of classical building works on the one hand, and the proper use of specific workforce skills for implementing advanced technologies on the other. Therefore, to reach NZEB targets in practice, it is important to:

  • Agree what is understood by ‘good’ quality of the works (indicators, performance levels, etc.).
  • Guarantee the existence in the market of good products, as well as the existence of all required competences among designers and executors to deliver a good job.
  • Define and guarantee boundary conditions allowing the various players to deliver the agreed quality level in economically viable conditions.

QUALICHeCK focuses on determining the technical boundary conditions for establishing an effective compliance framework that allows quality of the works.

QUALICHeCK has written a first (draft) report presenting a series of critical situations on the construction site that can result in poor quality. Documented experiences show the probability, the reasons and the impact of incorrect realisation processes at the building sites. The work documents and builds on successful initiatives to overcome site implementation issues that undermine the confidence in actual performance. They include examples in the context of regulatory frameworks, quality labels, self control or quality management procedures/guidelines, and training programmes.

This draft report will be used for interaction with stakeholders with the aim to have a final report in the autumn of 2015.

QUALICHeCK Quality of Works Report 1 DRAFT FOR REVIEW

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