QUALICHeCK officially introduced to BUILD UP Skills

QUALICHeCK has been invited to contribute a short introductory presentation at the BUILD UP Skills (www.buildupskills.eu) EU Exchange meeting of the European Commission, on November 12 in Brussels.

In the presentation, QUALICHeCK highlighted the two ways interaction between on the one hand requirements and on the other hand competence building and how together they contribute to more energy efficient buildings. It also presented possible approaches for an effective quality and compliance framework, putting possible external stimuli in the spotlight.

A testimonial from Romania showcased good practice on setting up interactive stakeholder engagement that can contribute to the most effective use of knowledge, experience and resources.

This is just the first of a series of interactions planned between the two initiatives stimulating quality of the works, with as aim to create synergies, learn from each other and raise awareness about the potential relevance of compliance frameworks for stimulating interest in training, as well as in the effective application of the competence gained.

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