Announcement: 1st QUALICHeCK International Conference

Brussels, 30 September 2014
KBC auditorium: Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels, Belgium

[Updated 17.9.2014] The 1st international QUALICHeCK Conference “Towards improved compliance and quality of the works for better performing buildings” is organised on 30 September 2014 in the KBC auditorium in Brussels.

The event represents the main physical opportunity to expand dialogue on compliance and quality issues for energy efficiency in buildings, with the initial QUALICHeCK project findings as one of the starting points for discussion.

The Conference will cover among others:

  • The overall scene regarding compliance and quality of the works for energy efficient buildings.
  • Lessons learned from major EU initiatives regarding reliability of Energy Performance Certificate input data and quality of the works.
  • Experience from industry representatives regarding reliable energy performance data and challenges in respect to quality of the works.
  • The QUALICHeCK action and networking perspectives.

For more information please download the Conference flyer including updated programme.

Registration to the Conference is required. You can register here. A meeting fee of € 62,5 (including VAT) is foreseen. Governmental institutions / national agencies and other relevant organisations may attend for free.

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