WEBINAR | Product databases and compliance of input data for the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) of buildings

28 June 2016 Introduction Product databases provide validated information about the characteristics of construction products and building systems. They can be used to determine input data for the energy performance rating of buildings on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), provided … Continue reading

WEBINAR on Transmission losses | Thermal Bridges — input data, calculation and verification methods

15 June 2016 Objective of the webinar: To present good examples of how to deal with thermal bridges in relation to energy calculations and investigation of the real performance, and to provide a platform for discussion. Content of the webinar: Presentations ranging … Continue reading

QUALICHeCK Booklet: Improving the compliance of Energy Performance Certificates and the quality of building works

QUALICHeCK booklet cover 212x300

Although significant efforts have been undertaken in Member States since about 10-15 years to drastically reduce the energy use in the building sector, improving the compliance of building energy performance assessments and the quality of building works are two aspects … Continue reading

REPORT | Source book on Guidelines for better enforcement of quality of the works — Draft

QUALICHeCK source book quality of works DRAFT cover 212x300

New buildings, as well as the renovated building stock, should aim not just for good energy performance but also for good quality of the works, as this is a prerequisite for high building energy performance. Various experiences show that there are … Continue reading